Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Waste Collection

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Waste Collection

Using artificial intelligence, a team of computer science students are setting out to revolutionize the waste collection and recycling industry.

For Mohammed Aljaroudi, Khaled Aloumi, Tatiana Barbone and Faisal Binateeq, their work with Top Mobile Vision has been an opportunity to redefine what waste collection looks like. With cameras mounted on vehicles, the team created a website to track service, helping to understand system efficiencies and opportunities for change in the industry.

“For this project we are taking the footage from these cameras and translating it into useful data for the customers of Top Mobile Vision,” says Binateeq, a 2021 computer science graduate from the University of San Diego Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering. “With the footage, we can see when the bin is lifted and we can translate that [into data] using technology of machine learning and QR codes to identify the bins.”

Through an interactive website, data is collected and updated continuously, enabling clients to evaluate collection processes and modify service as they go.

For Binateeq, the opportunity to work on this long-term project with a team of dedicated colleagues has been a unique experience — a collaboration he is looking forward to continuing into the future.

— Allyson Meyer ’16 (BA), ’21 (MBA)