Welcome to Alcalá Park

Studying at the University of San Diego means finding a home in one of the nation's most beautiful college campuses. But there's far more to USD than stunning architecture and ocean views. Since our founding in 1949, we've grown from a local college with a small cohort of students and just a handful of professors to a renowned Roman Catholic university ranked among the nation’s top 100 colleges and universities. This achievement is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to our students - to the academic feats they'll undertake, to the many memories they'll create and to the great successes they'll attain. Just as we once did with each of them, we now welcome you to the journey that is becoming a Torero.

Take in Torero Life

student smiling
Markeia Brox-Chester, ‘16

After spending four years at USD, I’ve learned that being a Torero means more than just fighting bulls. A Torero represents strength, courage, dedication, love, passion and experience. A Torero represents the many nights spent studying and working hard for a goal. A Torero is a fighter in every sense of the word. I am a Torero, and I am proud of it.

Live Like a Local

Average temperature

Sun Diego

With an average year-round temperature of 70.5 degrees, our students are never at a loss to find ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for beaches, mountains or deserts – San Diego has it all.

Miles of Coastline

Surf and Sand

The beach plays a big part in Torero Life. Whether you’re an avid surfer looking to catch some waves or an avid s’mores enthusiast looking for a bonfire, you can count on spending many weekends on the sand.

Largest City in the US

Beach Town Vibes with Big City Opportunities

Although we’re probably best known for our beaches, San Diego is also quite the bustling city. You’ll have plenty of incredible opportunities for internships and professional development – and all within about 15 minutes of campus.

During the college process, I was looking for a university that provided an exceptional sense of community, fantastic relationships with professors and other students, dedicated itself to improving the world, and one that embraced the beauty of its surroundings. USD exhibits every one of those qualities.

Danny Halloran '18