Learning Communities

Whether launching your college experience for the first-time or transferring from another institution, your transition to USD will be exhilarating and challenging. As a member of a learning community, you'll get the chance to connect to a network of faculty, peers, and administrators, experiencing the fullness of the University of San Diego.

Taking part in a learning community will enrich your introduction to USD in many ways. In your learning community, you will learn to recognize broad connections between different ways of problem solving, and learn to articulate the benefits of using multiple perspectives to identify solutions to today’s urgent challenges. Your learning community will help ease your academic and social transition to USD, expand your intellectual curiosity beyond the classroom, and establish an immediate sense of community with your faculty and fellow students.

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First year student experience: Whether you join us and become an Advocate, a Cultivator, a Collaborator, an Illuminator, or an Innovator, your LLC theme is one way in which you can engage with Changemaking. 

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Transfer student experience: Built around the theme Engage, your TLC is one way in which you can engage with Changemaking.

Learning Outcomes

1) Students experience and cultivate a sense of home within the USD community by engaging in meaningful relationships inside and outside the classroom.

2) Students recognize and articulate the value of integrating multiple perspectives in real world problem- solving.

Integration Showcases

As part of the Learning Communities experience, students are challenged to integrate concepts and ideas across multiple fields of study. Students complete their introductory integration experience by participating in the First Year Integration Showcases. This allows students the opportunity to demonstrate their interdisciplinary learning, reinforcing the inter-connectivity of knowledge and thereby promoting the value of the liberal arts.