Student Success at the University of San Diego

What does student success look like at USD?

It’s being on a campus where relationships are lifelong and the liberal arts curriculum is life-changing. It’s getting access to world-class research opportunities, and applying that knowledge for the betterment of your community. It’s learning that Changemaking isn’t just a word, it’s a belief that you can make a difference anywhere, anytime. It’s seeing the world through another’s perspective, and being better for it. It’s blurring borders and boundaries, and experiencing what life is like on the other side of the horizon. It’s getting your foot in the door with iconic business brands like Google, Nike and Amazon, exploring a wealth of nonprofit volunteer and employment opportunities here in San Diego, or learning how to blaze your own professional path.

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Studying the liberal arts means forging your own path. Just ask Luke Garrett, a physics and philosophy double major who discovered a passion for journalism at USD.

How change happens

With a curriculum grounded in the Catholic tradition and shaped by the liberal arts, USD focuses on the development of the whole person—their intellectual, spiritual, creative and social capacity. From the moment students arrive on campus, they are developing the connections and competencies they’ll need to succeed in our dynamic and ever-changing world.

Begin quote Emitte Spiritum Tuum ("Send Forth Thy Spirit") – USD Motto

Next steps for USD graduates

Whether it is grad school, a new job, an internship or service work, USD grads go out prepared to make a difference.

92% employed or in graduate school

94% received their first full-time job offer within three months of graduating

$53,587 average starting salary

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Graduate Outcomes pie chart breakdown:     66.9% Employed Full Time, 16.8% enrolled in graduate school, 7.0% employed part-time, 4.9% seeking employment,     1.7% volunteer service full-time, 0.8% self-employed, 0.7% military service, 1.3% other

* Data based on 2017-18 graduates.

Who's hiring USD graduates?

USD connects students and alumni with employment both during and after their educational pursuits. USD offers frequent networking events, strong, consistent relationships with alumni and alumni businesses, professional partnerships and events where industry experts come to campus to share their advice.

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What do USD graduates go on to study?

One outcome of an education rooted in the liberal arts is a thirst for knowledge. Many of our students look to an advanced degree as an opportunity to further their skills, expand interest in a particular field and explore their passion for teaching or research as a career.

Graduate field of study pie chart breakdown: 21.3% business, 17.3% law,     16.0% health professions, 14.0% education, 12.0% engineering/science, 11.3% social science, 8.0% humanities



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