COVID-19 has presented many challenges and opportunities for peacebuilders and social innovators around the world, including for students and employees of the Kroc School. Please visit our dedicated COVID-19 page to learn about how the Kroc School is adapting and innovating during this unprecedented time.

The Kroc School is the global hub for peacebuilding and social innovation.

Our graduates have the courage to lead change locally, regionally and internationally. You are invited to join our community and become an ally in our global network to create a better world.

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Virtual Event: Saturday, June 13 at 5 p.m. PDT

Fowler Global Social Innovation Challenge: Global Finals

Join us to cheer on the Global Finalists from 30 universities and 17 countries as they compete for $50,000 in seed funding and showcase their world-changing social enterprise ideas.

By studying peace I learned how to affect cultures and build subcultures that could thrive in inner city San Diego where injustice dominates. – Chris Yanov
"They help us mold our ideas into a very coherent statement and with that we build a very professional roadmap. This, combined with in-person mentorship and lab sessions is unmatched in terms of opportunity and learning environment.” – Jessica Kort, SIC Award Winner 2016
TBI seminars have grounded me in my education, reinforced the passion I feel for human rights, social justice, and peacebuilding, and have encouraged me to pursue a career focused on immigration and the fulfillment of human rights. – Kaitlin Meyer
Coming to the Kroc School has helped me gain the practical skills for conflict analysis in conjunction with international negotiations. Now, when I see injustice, I feel compelled to speak up because I have the background and the context to deal with it. – Elizabeth Spangenberg

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