Campus Housing and Residence Halls

In partnership with other university departments, we continually enhance our facilities, services and programs in order to provide a safe, inclusive living community and to create learning opportunities that support the holistic growth of each resident.

Ask any current Torero resident or the scores of alumni who once called Alcalá Park home—they will tell you their number #1 reason for living on-campus is/was the sense of community that comes from living among your peers. Nothing can compare to the fun and excitement of living in an environment where the learning never stops and lasting memories are waiting to be made.

2020-21 Special/Intersession Hours

Res Life Office Hours - The front desk in the Alcala Vistas (Palomar Hall) will be the only desk open after Saturday, November 21 and for the entire month of December. Additionally, you can reach us at 619-260-4777 or email us at

  • We also have on-call residential staff if you need support from Res Life after hours, and you can reach us through Public Safety (619-260-7777).

  • Vistas Desk Hours

    • 9am-5pm (11/21-11/25 & 11/28) - CLOSED 11/26 and 11/27 

    • 9am-5pm & 7-10pm beginning 11/29

    • January hours TBA

Fall 2020 Semester Move-Out/Closing

All on-campus residence halls will be closed beginning Saturday, November 21 at noon (your key expires then). Check out the closing memo for Fall 2020/winter break for more information and instructions. Not being out of the halls by this time will result in late-stay fees!

Here are some highlights from the checklist on how to leave your room for the break:

  • Clean all areas of your room/apartment, unplug electronics, lock windows, and leave blinds closed on ground level floors and open on non-ground level floors
  • Remove all trash and perishable items
  • Empty fridge AND freezer - power outages could occur and ruin any food you leave behind
  • Clean up your common areas (kitchen, living room, bathroom). Remove as many of your items as possible from counters, as staff will be entering to clean the apartments during the break.
  • Don't forget important/valuable items!

All students that are returning to housing in the spring semester are permitted to keep their belongings in their rooms. However, all students are expected to leave the residence halls 24 hours after your last final or by Nov. 21 at noon, whichever comes first, unless you have been approved to stay based on institutional need. If so, you should have received a confirmation email approving this stay.

Res Life staff will be walking through your room before the break to confirm you have completed the check-out procedures listed in the closing memo. Not completing this checklist may result in fees, so please pay attention to it!

Check out the below video for a quick summary of how to perpare your apartment for the winter break!

COVID-19 Updates re: Residential Life and Housing

On July 9, President Harris announced that all on-campus housing will be single occupancy (private bedrooms), for the health and safety of the USD community, based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommended low-risk model. USD is also releasing our first- and second-year students from on-campus housing requirements for the 2020-21 academic year.

The above information is subject to change, based off updated state and county guidelines.

For more information about USD's overall response and plans to reopen amidst the COVID-19 virus, please visit the Torero Blueprint website.  

Second Year Residency Requirement

*The first- and second-year residency requirement has been waived for the 2020-21 academic year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The University has completed a significant study focused on recreating the success of the first year experience and duplicating this for second year students. Learn more about on campus housing for second year students. Living on campus offers the perfect balance.

Renter's Insurance

Living on campus is a great opportunity but please consider pursuing Renter's Insurance or asking your parents about their home owner's insurance. Residential Life does not exclusively promote a particular provider but there is important information about your housing agreement and liability considerations.

The Apartment Experience

Learn more information about living in on campus apartments at USD from the student perspective. We offer fully furnished apartments with full kitchens.

Take a tour of the Residence Halls

Are you interested in taking a virtual tour of our residence halls? Join Torero Life as they take you through two of our residence halls for first-year students and second-year students!

USD Fix My Home

If you have an issue in your room or apartment, please use our new convenient online work orders system to submit your requests. The entire process is moving to a paperless process to save the environment and get your requests addressed faster. You can submit a work order through our new system. If you have any questions please contact us at (619) 260-4777 or via email at

Information on Emergency Preparedness for our Resident Students

Learn about emergency preparedness for resident students.


Have a question? Check out our FAQ Page.

2021 Spring Semester Housing Information

Housing through USD will be open in a limited capacity for the spring semester. Occupancy is being adjusted from the fall semester for the spring. Students in on-campus housing will remain in single bedrooms, but can now share a bathroom with one other student. Housing in Pacific Ridge (through the USD contract) will be expanded to two students per bedroom.

The spring semester housing application is now available on the housing portal. Spring housing through USD (either on-campus, in Pacific Ridge, or in Loma Palisades) is VERY limited. Priority is given to students who were offered USD housing in late July.

Students will learn from our office in December if we are able to offer housing through USD for the spring. If Residential Life is unable to offer you housing for the spring semester, students will not be assessed the cancellation fee for their application to be canceled.

Spring Semester Move In

All students (returning fall residents and new spring residents) will move in the weekend of January 22-24, 2021. In early January, Residential Life will email students a survey to select a move in date/time for the Jan 22 weekend.

Returning residents (residents that lived on-campus for the fall semester) are not permitted any support people to assist with their move in, in an effort to keep density down on campus during the move in weekend.

Students that did not live on-campus in the fall are permitted one or two family members. With their support, students will need to move all items into the rooms themselves.  


2020-21 Academic Year Housing Information

Campus housing will be opened in a very limited capacity for the fall semester for students that previously had been offered an on-campus housing assignment in late July. Occupancy has been aadjusted to reduce campus housing density so all students will have a single (private) bedroom and bathroom. 

The housing application deadline has passed for USD students for the fall semester. Students may still complete the 2020-21 Academic Year housing application in the housing portal in order to be added to the interest list.  The spring semester housing application will become available in November.

Please note that housing for returning students that missed the initial housing sign-up deadline is VERY limited. We encourage students to review the off-campus housing resources and strongly consider off-campus options.



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