Clubs and Organizations

Get involved with USD's student clubs, organizations, centers and associations.

Student Organizations and Fraternity/Sorority Life

Getting involved with a student organization or fraternity or sorority is a great way to explore and develop your identity and make lasting connections and memories. For a full list of all USD-sponsored student organizations, including Fraternity and Sorority Life, visit Torero Orgs. If you do not see a club that interests you, you may start your own club.

Centers and Commons

USD is home to various centers such as the United Front Multicultural Commons, the Women's Commons, the Black Student Resource Commons, the LGBTQ+ & Allies Commons, the Center for Student Success and the Student Leadership, Involvement and Changemaking area. Each of these centers are committed to enhancing the campus by hosting events and retreats, awareness weeks, and providing valuable leadership opportunities. There are also multiple health and wellness centers on campus such as the Counseling Center, the Mission Fitness Center, the Student Health Center and Center for Health and Wellness Promotion.

Associated Student Government

Associated Student Government (ASG) are your undergraduate student representatives whom advocate for student needs. Join USD’s student government to address student issues, and find ways to make life at USD more enjoyable for undergraduate students.

Torero Program Board

Torero Program Board (TPB), including Street Team, is a great way to get involved on campus by supporting events throughout the year like athletic tailgates, concerts, speakers, cultural events and much more. TPB works collaboratively with groups and organizations across campus to put on events for all Toreros to enjoy.

Alcalá Bazaar

The Alcalá Bazaar is USD's involvement fair that is held in the first two weeks of each semester. This event provides an opportunity for clubs, organizations, and departments to share their information with students who might be interested in getting involved. Come on out and see what the excitement is all about.

Residence Hall Programs and Learning Communities

The Residence Halls are not just places to live, they are vibrant communities for you to interact with people from all walks of life. The Residence Hall Learning Communities and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) strive to develop areas that will allow all Toreros to come together and interact.

Common Spaces

USD has spaces for students to study, socialize or just relax like lounge spaces in the Student Life Pavilion or the residence halls. Commuter and graduate students also have access to the Commuter Student Commons and the Graduate Student Commons to interact with other students who share similar experiences at USD.

Student Media

Did you know that USDtv, the Vista student newspaper and USD Radio are all entirely student run and managed? You can explore these great ways to reach wide audiences and become the voice of your peers.