Speaker Series: Taviare Hawkins, University of Wisconsin

Prof. Hawkins

Please join us for the next installment of our Fall 2020 Distinguished Speaker Series, featuring Taviare Hawkins, PhD. Professor Hawkins is the chair of the physics department at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and runs a lab there "working to understand the physical properties of biological filaments," such as microtubules. Among her many awards and accolades, she is also notable as the 50th African-American woman to receive a Ph.D. in physics. In addition to her research, she will discuss her path to earning her doctorate, as well as the state of African-American women in physics in general.

Taviere Hawkins, PhD, will speak via Zoom on Tuesday, Nov. 3, at 12:15 p.m. Pacific. Contact the USD Physics and Biophysics Department to gain access to the Zoom link.


From the Hawkins Lab website:

We are an experimental biophysics group working to understand the physical properties of biological filaments. Our work is focused on characterizing the mechanical and dynamic properties of microtubules. We want to understanding which, as well as, how the accessory proteins and drugs, such as Taxol (the chemotherapeutic drug), are able to tune these properties within cells.

All of our investigations are done in vitro (outside the cell, between a slide and coverslip). We combine microscopy and image analysis to uncover the secrets of the cell. We work at the intersection of physics, biology and computation.


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