Avi Spiegel on Aljazeera Tonight

Tonight, May 5, Avi Spiegel, PhD, will be speaking on Aljazeera at 9 p.m about Al Qaeda and the Arab Spring in relation to the death of Osama bin Laden. Click here to watch a live broadcast.

Avi Spiegel, PhD, is an assistant professor of Political Science and International Relations in the College of Arts and Sciences. A former Fulbright Scholar and Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, Spiegel has traveled and lectured extensively throughout the Middle East and North Africa. He is currently completing a book on the next generation of political Islam, based on his fieldwork among young political activists in the Arab world. 

Dr. Spiegel will also be speaking at tomorrow’s Institute for Peace & Justice panel that asks the question, "The Death of Bin Laden: What Difference Will it Make?"