Weddings and Memorial Services on Campus

It is the policy of the University of San Diego not to allow private parties and/or wedding receptions on-campus.

Wedding Celebrations

Wedding ceremonies are only held on campus at Founders Chapel and The Immaculata. Founders Chapel may be scheduled for weddings by students, faculty, staff, alumni and trustees according to the norms of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego. Weddings are held on most Saturdays at 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Full guidelines may be found on the University Ministry website at:

For ceremonies in the Immaculata Parish, please click on this link:

For Weddings in Founders Chapel:

Memorial Tributes for Deceased Members of the USD Community

Funeral or memorial services are not held in Founders Chapel. When a student, faculty, staff, trustee or member of their family dies, a regularly scheduled weekday Mass may be offered for the deceased. 

Those in the campus community wishing to hold a funeral in the Immaculata may schedule in conjunction with the parish/diocesan guidelines and the approval of the Vice President for Mission and Ministry. Generally, funeral rites are held in the parish or faith community of the deceased. 

The university does not host private funeral receptions on campus. 

When a student, faculty, staff member or trustee dies, the practice of holding a non-liturgical tribute and reception in memory of the deceased is recommended. These are to be arranged through Campus Scheduling for a time at the close of the work day, generally open to USD community, in an appropriate setting, and usually within an hour time-frame. Costs assumed by the University for these events should be modest. These receptions are not meant to be the formal public funeral or memorial service, but rather to help our USD family remember the deceased and to support the family. Human Resources, Counseling Center and University Ministry will also be available for grief counseling as needed. 

Wedding on campus