Retention and Graduation Rates

Undergraduate Students

The University of San Diego tracks the retention and graduation rates of undergraduate students. Retention is the number of students who start in a given fall semester and return the following fall. It is calculated for first time full-time students. Almost every entering first-year student at USD is full time.

Persistence figures track how many students return in the fall for each year after the first year. Graduation rates report the percent of the first-year students from a given year who graduate in 4, 5 or 6 years.


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Graduate Students

USD also tracks time-to degree for graduate students by academic program. The expected length of time it will take to complete a graduate degree depends on how many academic units are in the degree program. Time-to-degree also depends on whether a student is full time or part time. Some degree programs are specifically for students who will be working and attending school part time.

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