Tinker, build, dream. Together.

Get ready to chart your course to a career as meaningful as it is successful. Every possible path starts with a common core curriculum for the first two years, which lets you explore your options and discover the discipline that's right for you. Take a course in Computational Problem Solving and see if computer science is your calling. Or, perhaps an Introduction to Systems Engineering course will lead you to an ISyE calling. As you explore, you'll get to talk with faculty, network with those in the industry, get involved and take charge of landing a job you love.

Our nationally-ranked programs for Electrical Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering and Mechanical Engineering are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). And our classes are small enough that professors learn more than students' names — they can get to know students' strengths and needs while collaboratively building toward their career goals.

Every engineering student earns a dual BS/BA degree, which means you'll embark on your career with a much more balanced skill-set than other grads hitting the job market. Not only will you be equipped with the critical thinking, writing and communication skills to excel, but you'll have the real-world experience and global perspective to be a true Changemaking Engineer. With your industry connections and interdisciplinary experience, the possibilities are borderless.

Undergraduate Degrees

Master the computational framework today's world depends upon. A degree in computer science is in high demand and sets you on the right course for some of the most sought-after career possibilities. BS, BA or Minor offered.

Gain the hands-on experience to design, build and test where electronics can take us in the future with a discipline that's revolutionized everything from mobile devices to communication technology to medical imaging.

Tackle complex problems with an interdisciplinary mindset. After you've developed a broad technical foundation, you'll be prepared for any number of study concentrations, like embedded software or biomedical engineering.

Make a difference by optimizing processes, systems and organizations to eliminate waste of time, materials and essential resources. This is for bright minds who like to make things work better.

Solve problems using the principles of energy, materials and mechanics — then design and build unprecedented solutions for life-saving medical devices or fuel-efficient vehicles.

student talking with advisor Your academic advisors are at the ready.

Reach out to our supportive faculty advisors for details about our programs and where they can take you. To find your bulletin year, go to DegreeWorks.

student studying in Paris Student experiences that go beyond.

Get the chance to study abroad, join student organizations, tackle groundbreaking entrepreneurship projects, pursue extracurricular activities and land internships that lead you to your first career job.