About Us

The Mobile Technology Learning Center (MTLC) is the only university-based research center specializing in the field of mobile technology in K-12 education. Established in 2011 by a grant from Dr. Irwin Jacobs and Joan Jacobs, MTLC provides the research, training and services needed to support school districts in their efforts to significantly change the way learning is delivered through mobile technology. Using an innovative approach to align research and practice, MTLC is an international thought leader in K-12 mobile learning and a resource on the local, regional and national levels.

MTLC researchers seek to understand how teachers and students use forms of mobile technology, what factors influence types of tool use and associated educational outcomes, and how districts and school leaders can best support and develop their teachers' mastery and utilization of mobile technology. In addition, MTLC delivers a number of professional learning offerings to provide current teachers, teacher leaders and school/central office leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully navigate the transformation to 21st century learning environments

By looking at mobile technology integration through contextual factors within a school district, MTLC connects research to the K-12 learning environment. A unique contextual review process focuses on the changing relationship between school leaders and students in the 21st century learning environment.  This mixed-methods research process was developed by MTLC to help school districts better understand the contextual factors that are either supporting or challenging their integration of technology.  The findings allow school leaders to make evidence-based decisions, based on the perspectives and experiences of all stakeholders, in order to address contextual barriers and build on foundational supports to more effectively integrate technology.