Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage at The Immaculata

Front of Church

Congratulations on your engagement to be married! We at The Immaculata would be happy to share our worship space with you on the occasion of one of the most important days in your life, when you accept from God His blessing in the Sacrament of Marriage.

The Immaculata has provided the following "Frequently Asked Questions" which we hope will help answer some of your questions about celebrating your wedding at our church.

  • Can you please give me a general overview of what we need to do in order to marry at The Immaculata?
  • When can I visit The Immaculata?
  • Who can marry at The Immaculata?
  • Which year(s) is The Immaculata booking for?
  • When are wedding ceremonies held?
  • How can we set a date?
  • How much is the fee for use of the church?
  • Does The Immaculata have musicians that we can use?
  • Can we bring in our own musicians?
  • What preparation classes will we have to take?
  • Does The Immaculata also book dates for Founder's Chapel?
  • Does The Immaculata or the University have facilities for receptions?
  • Are photos allowed in the church during the ceremony?
  • What documents are needed for marriage at The Immaculata?