Student Organizations

The School of Business Administration hosts a variety of professional organizations for student involvement. Provides members with opportunities for academic, personal and professional development so that they may contribute effectively and ethically to society and their organizations.

Members of all organizations are committed to serve the community and develop conscientious participation in civic activities, build unity within the organizations, and establish friendships and networks that extend beyond the college career.

If interested, contact the following faculty for further information:

Accounting Society

Designed to help students learn about the various aspects of the financial information profession through activities and involvement with professionals, faculty, and peers.

Advisor: Mark Judd
Contact: (619) 260-2258

Ad Club

Focuses on spreading interest and expanding knowledge of the advertising profession while encompassing aspects of marketing and communication.

Advisor: Morgan Poor and Justine Rapp
Contact: (619) 260-7459

Alpha Kappa Psi

A co-educational business fraternity that aims to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance.

Advisor: Vicente Vargas
Contact: (619) 260-4136

American Marketing Association

The club is committed to introducing students to the various aspects of marketing by providing resources and encouraging interaction with professionals, faculty, and peers. We achieve this by creating projects that offer real world experiences, inviting professional speakers, and by helping students build a network that will be valuable in their professional careers.

Advisor: Andrea Flynn
Contact: (619) 260-2377

Beta Alpha Psi

A national honors fraternity that provides interaction with finance, information systems, and accounting professionals; conducts technical and personal development programs through campus, regional, and national meetings; and promotes and encouraging community service.

Advisor: Mark Judd
Contact: (619) 260-2258

Beta Gamma Sigma (Co-ed Business Honors Society)

The highest international recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in an undergraduate, master's, or doctoral program at a school accredited by AACSB International.

Advisors: Craig Barkacs
Contact: (619) 260-2387

Delta Sigma Pi (Business Fraternity)

A fraternity that fosters the study of business in universities; encourage scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for mutual advancement through research and practice; promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce; and further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture, as well as the civic and commercial welfare of the community.

Advisor: Kristine Ehrich
Contact: (619) 260-7629

E-Club (Entrepreneurship)

The USD Entrepreneurship Club is committed to bringing together students, entrepreneurs, alumni, and faculty with the hopes of building relationships and fostering an interactive learning environment to explore the world of entrepreneurship.

Advisor: Mike Lawless
Contact: (619) 260-2376

Econ Council

The Econ Council serves as a voice for economics students in the School of Business. The council is composed of student leaders whose goal is to pursue further understanding within the field of economics outside of the classroom.

Advisor: Joey Gabaldon
Contact:(619) 260-5905

Financial Planning Association

Advisor: Annalisa Barrett
Contact: (619)260-4853

International Business Club

The USD International Business Club is an organization to support International Business majors and minors. The International Business Club explores potential career paths and opportunities for students pursuing International Business studies, as well as provides networking activities related to International Business to help students understand cross cultural differences and promote awareness of global issues. The IB Club sponsors interactive networking events with local International Business alumni, professors and current students for all levels of the student body who have an interest in or are a declared International Business major or minor. Through expanding knowledge in International Business, we hope to empower and enlighten the student body because "business has no boundaries". The club holds about one event per month during the regular semesters.

Advisor: Erin Kellaway

Law and Business Mediation Caucus

Advisor: Richard Custin
Contact: (619) 260-4854

Net Impact Undergrads

Net Impact is a global membership organization of students and professionals using business to improve the world. Net Impact Undergrad is an exciting new program built on Net Impact's proven model of organization, inspiration, and education. It connects members with forward-thinking leaders to create positive social and environmental change through business.

Advisors: Tara Ceranic
Contact: (619) 260-2378

Omicron Delta Epsilon (Int'l Honor Society in Economics)

An international economics honor society providing extracurricular programs, lectures, discussions, and meetings to furthering the study of economics.

Advisor: Joey Gabaldon
Contact: (619) 260-5905

Real Estate Society

The Real Estate Society is a 200-plus member student organization that—through industry outreach and monthly meetings—provides resources and information to students interested in or pursuing a career in real estate.

Advisor: John Demas
Contact: (619) 260-7619

Student Finance Association

As a member of the Student Finance Association, students are expected to take part in discussions and play a role in picking stocks for the club's investment fund. The Student Finance Association has two main goals: The first is to aid in the process of searching for job and internship opportunities. The other is to expand the financial knowledge of all members through discussions, guest speakers, and investing real money out of the club's investment fund.

Advisor: Barrett, Annalisa
Contact:(619) 260-7868

Student International Business Council

The Student International Business Council is a privately-endowed, student-led organization dedicated to its vision of "Peace Through Commerce." Focused on leadership, international business, and responsible business conduct, the long term goal of the Council is to develop individuals who will go on and play a fundamental role in peace around the world. The Council completes several projects per year in conjunction with business leaders in the San Diego area and other parts of the world which give students real world experience using commerce to facilitate positive change. The Council sends students overseas for leadership conferences and internships and is looking to expand in this aspect of the organization in upcoming years.

Advisor: Robin McCoy
Contact: (619) 260-7774

Supply Chain Management Student Association

An association that provides "cutting edge" knowledge of Supply Chain Management, high value career opportunity exposure, and networking.

Advisor: Ray Hummell and Karen Kukta
Contact: (619) 260-4894 / (619) 260-7903