New Venture Financing


In this seminar we will discuss the five key sources of financing for a new venture: initial funding by co-founders, debt financing, angel financing, financing through technology licensing and venture capital financing. Taking a global perspective on the financing of new ventures, we will study the implications of each form of financing on cash flow and co-founders’ ownership share. The seminar is structured as a combination of lecture, class discussion and team-based experiential learning.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the implications of all forms of new venture financing
  • Identify the relative advantages and disadvantages of debt and equity financing
  • Develop and Evaluate the following:
    1. Founders’ Agreement
    2. Buy-Sell Agreement
    3. Technology Licensing Agreement
    4. Venture Capital Term Sheet

Seminar Dates: October 1, 8 and 15
Time: 6-9 p.m.

Total Seminar Hours: 9

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ZoccoDennis Zocco is a professor of finance and investments at USD's School of Business Administration. Zocco holds a BS in mathematics from Penn State University, an MA in business and economics, and a PhD in finance from Lehigh University. His prior business experience was as a Systems Engineer with the IBM Corporation and a consultant in the business and financial industries. Zocco's research has resulted in published articles in the fields of finance, investments, economics and law. He is the author of Investor, a comprehensive educational software system and textbook in the investment field that has been published and distributed by Southwestern Publishing and adopted by more than 300 colleges and universities worldwide.

Since joining USD, Zocco has taught courses in both the undergraduate and graduate programs, including those in Negotiations, New Venture Financing, Investments, Corporate and International Finance and International Investments. He has also conducted professional development seminars and courses for San Diego-based businesses in the areas of finance, international investments, negotiations, software cost estimating and financial modeling and profitability analysis. Zocco has taught international-based courses in Milan, Oxford and Barcelona.

In 2003, Zocco was named the recipient of USD's University Professorship award in recognition of his sustained, exemplary contributions in the areas of research and teaching and, in 2007, was the recipient of the first annual Professor of Impact award, voted by the graduating masters students as the professor who made the greatest impact on them during their graduate program at USD.