Student Leaders Connect to Resources

Student organization leaders may have heard of a new “check-in” policy being set in place this fall. So what exactly does this require of our student leaders? They will need to check in at the Student Involvement and Information Desk (SIID), once a semester. This new step for student leaders applies to all student organizations registered with Associated Students (AS) and who have an Inter-Club Council (ICC) representative.

As student leaders check in with an involvement consultant (students who work at the SIID and who are dedicated to student involvement), they will be able to talk about the technical aspects of running a student organization such as AS Budget Committee and Event Registration and Approval Forms (EvRs). This new check-in process will allow for more efficient monthly ICC meetings, which will focus instead on leadership development. Rommel Pinlac, AS director of Student Organizations, explained that the benefits of this policy for student leaders include, "establishing initial contact with some of the great resources offered by the Student Leadership and Involvement Center, and to help connect student organizations."

Overall, the new student leader check-in policy is advantageous for everyone. The policy strives for efficient ICC meetings, which will allow for more positive change on campus, and new resources from which student leaders will be able to draw.

Student leaders: get excited and get checked in!


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