Campus Housing and Residence Halls

In partnership with other university departments, we continually enhance our facilities, services and programs in order to provide a safe, inclusive living community and to create learning opportunities that support the holistic growth of each resident.

Ask any current Torero resident or the scores of alumni who once called Alcalá Park home—they will tell you their number #1 reason for living on-campus is/was the sense of community that comes from living among your peers. Nothing can compare to the fun and excitement of living in an environment where the learning never stops and lasting memories are waiting to be made.

2019 Intersession Housing Sign-Up Process

The online Intersession housing application will be available through the housing portal on October 15 at 10am.To sign up for Intersession 2019 on-campus housing, please submit the application, no less than five business days prior to your arrival, to avoid a $65 late registration fee.

Any application for a January 2nd or 3rd arrival date needs to be submitted by 5PM on Friday, December 14 to avoid the $65 late fee: The Residential Life - Central Office will be closed for the holiday break starting on December 22 at 5PM and will reopen on January 2 at 8:30am.

If you are living in a “continuous housing” area (Manchester Village, University Terrace Apartments, or Presidio Terrace Apartments), you do not need to complete this application. However, you do need to notify Resident Staff of your occupancy dates during Christmas break and Intersession. Your RA or CD will provide you more information on how to do this.

For more information about intersession housing please visit the intersession webpage.

2019-2020 Housing Application: Returning Students

The 2019-2020 housing application will be available for returning students to complete during the month of February 2019. Residential Life will provide more information in January 2019.

2019-2020 Resident Assistant Selection

To learn more about the Resident Assistant position and how to apply for the 2019-2020 academic year, please visit the Prospective Resident Assistants website.

Second Year Residency Requirement

The University has completed a significant study focused on recreating the success of the first year experience and duplicating this for second year students. Learn more about on campus housing for second year students. Living on campus offers the perfect balance.

Renter's Insurance

Living on campus is a great opportunity but please consider pursuing Renter's Insurance or asking your parents about their home owner's insurance. Residential Life does not exclusively promote a particular provider but there is important information about your housing agreement and liability considerations.

The Apartment Experience

Learn more information about living in on campus apartments at USD from the student perspective. We offer fully furnished apartments with full kitchens.

Take a tour of the Residence Halls

Are you interested in taking a virtual tour of our residence halls? Join Torero Life as they take you through two of our residence halls for first-year students and second-year students!

USD Fix My Home

If you have an issue in your room or apartment, please use our new convenient online work orders system to submit your requests. The entire process is moving to a paperless process to save the environment and get your requests addressed faster. You can submit a work order through our new system. If you have any questions please contact us at (619) 260-4777 or via email at

Information on Emergency Preparedness for our Resident Students

Learn about emergency preparedness for resident students.


Have a question? Check out our FAQ Page.

2019 Spring Housing Sign-Up Process

Move-In Dates:

  • Returning Student Spring Move In: Sunday, January 27 at 10AM
  • New First Year and Transfer Student Spring can begin Move In: Tuesday, January 22 at 9AM
  • New International Student Spring Move In: Tuesday, January 22 at 10AM

The spring housing application will become available in the housing portal on November 1 at 10AM. 

Returning upperclassman and transfer housing is VERY limited and not guaranteed for students that are not a part of the two-year residency requirement. There is an off-campus housing resource that students can be connected with by contacting or 619-260-4777.

Please note that first year students and second year students are required to live on campus to fulfill the two year residency requirement. If you do not contact Residential Life you will still be booked and billed for spring housing.

If you already know a specific roommate and/or room that you would like to move into, please email with your request by December 1. While Residential Life does not guarantee building or occupancy type, we will do our best to accommodate your request if mutually agreed upon by the other residents in that room/apartment and submitted by deadline of December 1. If you do not request a specific room, you will be placed in an available room that best fits your preferences that you list on the application.

Residential Life will send placement information to students that we are able to offer housing to during the first two weeks of January.

2019 Spring Housing Information

Incoming First-Year Students: Living Learning Communities

The University of San Diego has a two-year residency requirement. Please visit the First-Year housing webpage for more information. 

Residence Hall LLC Room Types
Camino/Founders Cultivate and Illuminate

Double (limited), triple and quadruple rooms.

Both halls have several shared bathrooms within each building, with multiple shower stalls, toilets and sinks in each bathroom. All residents on the floor share these bathrooms, regardless of the room occupancy type. 

Maher Collaborate

Single (limited), double (limited), triple and quadruple rooms.

Each room contains a bathroom with shower, toilet and sink, which is shared among the residents of that room (single rooms have a private bathroom, double rooms share the bathroom with those two students, etc.)

Missions A Advocate

Single and double rooms.

Each floor is a suite of 8 residents, with two shared bathrooms with shower, toilet and sinks. All residents in the suite share these bathrooms, regardless of the room occupancy type. 

San Antonio de Padua Advocate

Triple and quadruple rooms.

All three floors of SAP will be reserved for first-year students participating in Advocate. SAP typically offers apartments for students in groups of 3 and 4. Each apartment comes fully furnished, including a full kitchen and one bathroom to be shared by all students.

Missions B Innovate

Single and double rooms.

Each floor has a total of 30 residents, with two shared bathrooms, with two shower stalls, two toilets and two sinks in each bathroom. All residents on the floor share these bathrooms, regardless of the room occupancy type. 

Incoming Transfer and Returning Students

Transfer/upper division housing is VERY limited and not guaranteed for students that are not a part of the two-year residency requirement.

The Transfer Housing Application is currently available in the housing portal.

The University of San Diego has a two-year residency requirement. Please visit the Transfer Student Housing and Second Year Housing webpages for more information. 

If you would like to be connected to off-campus housing resources, please contact Residential Life at

Incoming and Returning Graduate/Law Students

Housing for graduate and law students is VERY limited. Additional resources can be found at the off-campus housing website.

The New Graduate and Law Housing Application is currently available in the housing portal. In order to be added to the 2018-19 interest please submit an application and our office will contact you if space becomes available.

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