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Medal of Peace

The Medal of Peace is awarded to extraordinary individuals who have contributed significantly to build peace with justice at the local or international level and have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of shaping a better world. In this year in which we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, the University of San Diego honored Mr. Forest Whitaker on April 5, 2018 as the new recipient of the USD Medal of Peace.

Coming to the Kroc School has helped me gain the practical skills for conflict analysis in conjunction with international negotiations. Now, when I see injustice, I feel compelled to speak up because I have the background and the context to deal with it. – Elizabeth Spangenberg

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Director of @USDTBI Ev Meade's #PeaceInnovators presentation called "Transcending the Border with Anchors, Not Parachutes" explores how universities can help to build peace in places beset by violence and shrouded in fear:

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En route back from Yaiti currently in Miami Airport. This is an epic view from the trip as we mingled with the Haitian students we worked with on the USAID project. Their presence and interactions is what made the experience that much more enriched and dynamic. We’re all reflecting and processing the trip at the moment and looking forward to expressing how it was for us as we readjust to being back in the states. Thanks to Topher, Miranda and Athena (The head of the school we stayed at in Yaiti) for facilitating this trip!
The wonderful mayor of Tabarre ! Today we had an amazing meeting at the mayors beautiful office in Tabarre, a newly established commune that in the past 2 years has improved immensely in its distribution of services. We met with the mayors team and USAiD’s implementation partner Lokal+ that provides support to the communication of municipal services. The goal is to improve transparency , efficiency and sustainability of services. 
Also the mayor was an actress ! 
#krocschool #shapingabetterworld
Hello All! 
Leah checking in here ! I am a Peace and Justice Masters student and graduate assistant and Kroc ambassador!
I am very excited to be guiding you through our day as it is a very exciting one for me !
Last night I was able to put my French skills to use as we translated some qualitative interviews we will be using in our evaluation coding .
Today we are meeting with the mayor of the commune of Tabarre and I will keep you updated ! #krocschool #shapingabetterworld
Racing to the finish line at the Haitian Olympic Training Center! #krocschool #shapingabetterworld
Closing the day with a Yoga practice together with the Haitian students #krocschool #shapeabetterworldsporadically
Appreciating cultural diversity by sharing a Haitian Buffet at Port-au-Prince #krocschool #shapingabetterworld

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