EPIC Director Scott Anders Special Guest on KPBS Earth Day Program

San Diego (April 22, 2013) - Scott Anders, the director of Energy Policy Initiatives Center (EPIC) at USD School of Law, was a special guest on KPBS-FM’s “Midday Edition” on Earth Day, April 22, 2013.

Anders joined host Maureen Cavanaugh and co-panelist Lani Lutar, executive director of Equinox Center, to discuss environmental topics important to the San Diego region.

“From super storms to persistent drought and sea level rise, many scientists say the world is now seeing the effects of climate change,” says Cavanaugh in her introduction of the show’s segment on what Earth Day means for San Diego.

“It's a situation that might have saddened the founders of Earth Day 43 years ago. Many of them hoped that the event would inspire a global movement that could avert environmental disasters.”

Cavanaugh does admit that there's also much to celebrate on Earth Day 2013, stating that San Diegans are moving forward with plans and programs to conserve, improve and reduce our impact on the environment. Anders and Lutar spend the story segment providing progress reports for environmental and energy projects throughout San Diego.

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