Energy Policy Initiatives Center

Energy-for-Water Nexus in Cities in San Diego County

The Energy Policy Initiatives Center (EPIC) at the University of San Diego School of Law recently completed a first-of-a-kind assessment of the energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to water use at the city level in the San Diego region. The results of this study, which was funded by a grant from The San Diego Foundation, will help decision makers understand the GHG emissions effects of policies related to water use. EPIC assessed data and information from 24 water agencies, the San Diego County Water Authority and 10 of 19 jurisdictions in the region, comprising 65% of the population in the region.

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Water Use Chart

Lesley K. McAllister Symposium on Climate and Energy Law

The Future of Energy in a Changing Climate
November 8, 2019

Each year the University of San Diego School of Law hosts the Climate and Energy Law Symposium. Legal and policy experts from across the country attend the event, including practicing attorneys, policy makers, and academic experts.

Technical Guidance for Greenhouse Gas Analysis in the San Diego Region

EPIC completed five technical guidance documents for regional climate planning in partnership with the regional planning agency the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). The guidance documents enable consistent process and methodology for greenhouse gas (GHG) analysis across jurisdictions.


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Concise cap cycle - "1. Develop and maintain climate action plan - baseline GHG inventory, GHG projections, targets, reduction measures. 2. Implement CAP, implement plan, cost analysis. 3. Monitor report progress.

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