Avi Spiegel

Avi Spiegel

Email: spiegel@sandiego.edu

Phone: (619) 260-2907

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Avi Spiegel

Assistant Professor
Political Science and International Relations
Middle East and North Africa

Avi Spiegel specializes in Middle Eastern and North African politics. He earned a doctorate from Oxford University, a master’s degree from Harvard University and a law degree from NYU. He has been a fellow at the Brookings Institution, the Ali Pachachi Scholar of the Modern Middle East at Oxford, a Frederick Sheldon Fellow at Harvard, and a Fulbright Scholar and Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco. He has contributed to Foreign Policy and Huffington Post and has also appeared, on television, as a Middle East analyst for Al Jazeera English. His writing has also been published in, among others, the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, and The American Interest.

Spiegel is an assistant professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of San Diego and a fellow at the Strauss Center for International Security and Law at the University of Texas at Austin. He is currently completing a book on the remarkable rise of young Arab Islamists.

Educational Background

  • PhD, Oxford University
  • MA, Harvard University
  • JD, NYU
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