Architecture Professors Awarded Graham Foundation Grant


Architecture professors Can Bilsel and Juliana Maxim are recipients of this year's Graham Awards advancing understanding of the designed environment.

The two received $7,500 recognizing their new book, "Architecture and the Housing Question" examining the mechanisms whereby architecture has framed the social and political implications of housing in the second half of the 20th century, and the architecture profession’s intersections with the evolving discourses of habitation, modernization, welfare, and humanitarianism. 

The book features a collection of case studies from contexts as diverse as Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, United States, China, Pakistan, Peru, Turkey, Kenya, and Somalia offers new insight into the historiography of housing and is an original contribution to architectural theory.

The Graham Foundation awarded a total of $534,850 for new grants to individuals around the world to support 74 projects engaging original ideas that advance our understanding of the designed environment. The funded projects include exhibitions, publications, films, new media works, and site-specific installations that promote rigorous scholarship, stimulate experimentation, and foster critical discourse in architecture.