Career Connections for Students, Alumni

Lifetime support and encouragement are at the forefront of the University of San Diego’s student and alumni career engagement efforts. For students, going to college is the chance to discover a passion, determine a path, and plan for the future. Through strong connections with the Torero community, campus programs are helping current students, recent graduates, and alumni grow within their career fields.

General Trek Video 2017 from USD Career Development Center on Vimeo.

“Our Culture of Care sets us apart from other universities. Continuing that support for our alumni and assisting them as they create meaningful lives is what USD and the Career Development Center are all about,” says Robin Darmon, director of the Career Development Center. “When students graduate, our commitment to that doesn’t stop. We’re still here, partnering with our alumni in their journey towards professional success.” 

During the past few years, alumni engagement post-graduation has grown, as evidenced in the success of the Summer Internship Program, the new Torero Connections mentorship platform that cultivates relationships between alumni and students, and growth of the Torero Trek program. 

“Over the past three years in particular, I’ve seen alumni extremely engaged,” says Darmon. “The Torero Treks, for example, are now in cities around the U.S. Whenever we visit an organization, it’s more than likely the contact came through an alumnus. We partner with the Alumni Association team to host networking events that bring students and alumni together. And our alumni are loyal — they hire our students!” 

The Torero Trek program, which began in 2015, has continued to grow, up from five treks the first year to 15 last year. These events serve as opportunities for students to take part in career exploration days, where they visit a variety of companies and have a chance to meet with industry professionals and USD alumni. 

Jeffrey Vijungco ‘95 is an example of an engaged alumnus. A liberal studies graduate, Vijungco is ensuring that future generations of Toreros are making the “campus to corporate transitions” through internship and job opportunities he sees as essential to future success. 

As Vice President of Employee Experience and Talent with Adobe, Vijungco has been actively involved in the Career Development Center through Torero Treks and campus career sessions, developing a partnership that is benefitting current USD students and alumni. Over the past three years, Adobe, a $7 billion technology company with more than 17,000 employees, has hired nearly 30 USD students and interns, with Vijungco crediting the Torero culture and a commitment to relationship building for these successes. 

“There is a more emotional [and] visceral connection to helping a fellow Torero even if you haven’t met formally and may not have been on campus during the same four-year period per se,” says Vijungco. “Graduation shouldn’t be the end of a relationship; it’s the beginning of a more evolved relationship that can [last] a lifetime.”

With so many changes to the professional landscape, USD’s commitment to a 21st century liberal arts education takes on many forms and includes bringing together students and alumni from all career fields, guaranteeing that Torero success occurs through lasting and meaningful relationships. 

— Allyson Meyer ’16

Video Courtesy of USD's Career Development Center