Torero Store Grand Opening

Digital walls and screens, interactive retail technology and concierge textbook sales are only a few of the new features at the new University of San Diego Torero Store. The official dedication of the stunning 6,665-square-foot campus store took place on Wednesday, September 16th as USD community members came to celebrate the university's innvoative new store.

Highlights of the futuristic new store include a “virtual mirror,” the first on a college campus where shoppers can visualize how clothing and apparel will look without actually trying them on, along with a custom T-shirt printer, 3D printer and mobile point of sale and Apple Pay capabilities and the changes haven't gone unnoticed among students:

“With the concierge station outside of the store and then the book vault pick-up, the process of ordering my books was effortless,” said Paige Milam, a third-year biology student. “I also love that the design of the store is so modern and fresh. It’s all very efficient and enjoyable—both practically and visually."

Torero Store Grand Opening


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