Zarate: Undergraduate Research a Path to Success

Inside USD -- Sonia Zarate is right where she wants to be — and that’s to the benefit of every student at the University of San Diego. As the new director of USD’s Office of Undergraduate Research, Zarate wants to help students make the most of their education and set them on a personal path toward success.

“Academic excellence is achieved when we provide students both theory and experiential experiences,” she says, “Students learn better when they hear it, see it and do it; research is the do. Additionally, when students are taught the process of generating new knowledge, they become vested and engaged in their own learning process.

“Universities should strive to include research activities into the programming for all undergraduate students,” Zarate continues. “It becomes even more so important for students to engage in research activities as undergraduates, because this is the time that they are deciding what to do. By participating in research now, students can make an informed decision about whether or not to include research in their academic and professional careers.” (Full Article)


Office Of Undergraduate Research
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