Karen Shelby, PhD, Recognized in Women's History Month

This years national theme for Women's History Month is recognizing women of courage character and commitment. Students and staff at the Women's Center believe that Dr. Shelby embodies all three of those characteristics. Dr. Shelby has shared her experiences, her knowledge, and inspired women to explore the issues surrounding gender.

Additionally she actively seeks ways to engage students with the communities they belong to, often introducing her classes to the Women's Center, and allowing students to expand their involvement on campus in organizations such as WIPP and PSA. She has been a facilitator at the Women's Center Empowerment retreat. The retreat encourages women to explore their identity and find empowerment through their experiences.

Dr. Shelby wears many hats: a professor, an advisor, a mother, a friend. She does not take short cuts, and she certainly does not compensate when it comes to her students and her work towards gender equity. That is why she was selected as one of the women featured on the Women's History Month exhibit.


Susan Szakonyi
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