Making Connections

Inside USD -- Who doesn’t remember those popular, sometimes silly educational videos shown in grade school about science? From “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” a favorite to many, to BBC’s “Connections,” these programs exposed students to many areas of science. The shows may not have been appealing to everyone, but to Joseph Provost, PhD, they were life changing.

Provost, a biochemist, recently joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of San Diego as a professor and research scientist.

“Connections,” created by James Burke, made a large impact on Provost as a child. After seeing the series, Provost was inspired to go into the field of science.

"Connections” looked at how certain discoveries, world events, and scientific achievements were interconnected and together brought about advancements in modern technology. Provost loved to look into the different details, events, individual points in history and small discoveries and see how they came together in order to form a bigger discovery. (Full Story)


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