USD Alumnus Lowell McAdam Receives Medal of Achievement Award

TechAmerica -- The TechAmerica Medal of Achievement Award recognizes significant contributions to the advancement of the high-tech industry and for distinguished service to the community, the industry and humankind. This is the highest award that the Association bestows and has a history of honoring those that have shaped the U.S. technology industry and greatly contributed to the industry’s global leadership position.

TechAmerica is proud to honor Lowell McAdam, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Verizon. Mr. McAdam has been a transformational force in erasing the line between telecommunications and technology. His career has been dedicated to revolutionizing the global wireless industry while leading Verizon’s foray into emerging technologies like M2M, telematics and smart sensors, all of which continue to transform our daily lives. (Full Story