Men Need to Step Up in Supporting Filner Accusers

U-T San Diego -- Tom Reifer is an associate professor of sociology and an affiliated faculty in the Women & Gender Studies Program at the University of San Diego.

Over the past month, I have been shocked and dismayed to hear the revelations by the brave and courageous women who continue to tell their stories of sexual harassment and abuse at the hands of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. When I saw the four brave women speak out in a joint interview, I made a decision that I could no longer remain silent. When I saw the eighth woman come forward to speak out about Mayor Filner’s abusive sexual advances, I decided I must add one more voice, my own. It is high time for men to step up and join the woman on the front lines, who have been victims and survivors of Bob Filner’s utter personal disregard, disrespect and degradation of women, as expressed through his unwanted sexual advances, which are at the lower end of a continuum of sexual abuse and assault. (Full Story