USD School of Law Initiative Aids Military Veterans

The Daily Transcript -- The University of San Diego School of Law develops resources and clinics that offer practical training to law students while making it possible for them to give back to the community. With San Diego County’s estimated veteran population of 250,000 and more than 2 million veterans living in California, there is no doubt that many have and will benefit from the school’s Initiative to Protect Student Veterans.

Launched in August 2012, the initiative -- the first of its kind in the nation -- supports the efforts of military leaders and elected officials to educate and protect veterans from the often-misleading practices of many for-profit schools and lenders. Under the direction of Patrick Uetz, a retired colonel and judge advocate in the U.S. Marine Corps, the initiative takes a multipronged approach, focusing on research, advocacy and providing free legal services through USD’s Veterans Legal Clinic. The initiative advocates on state and national levels to educate legislators and policymakers, raise awareness of issues related to veterans’ education, and propose changes in current laws and regulations to prevent future abuses. (Full Story


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