The Wild West in South Sudan

The Boston Globe -- I didn't come to Juba to write about cowboy capitalism. I came to write about Mou Riiny, a Sudanese “lost boy” who was brought to Winchester to live with a foster family. He went on to study engineering at the University of San Diego. Today, he is an example of the good that entrepreneurs can do in Africa. He returned to his village in South Sudan to install solar electricity in schools with the support of a Massachusetts-based nonprofit, Village Help for South Sudan. Mou plans to form his own company, SunGate Solar, that will rent batteries charged by the sun to villagers to run their cellphones and radios. If enough villagers are willing to pay the small monthly fee to cover the cost of the batteries, life in these remote communities would change forever. Mou could take his model global. His company could become a household name. (Full Story