Matt Rich and Joe Yorty to show in Exhibition: Fiction Alters Form

.T.F.R. Gallery presents Fiction Alters Form, featuring artists Joshua Miller, Matt Rich, and Joe Yorty. In selecting Matt Rich and Joe Yorty for the exhibition, Joshua Miller (who was asked to choose work to be put in relation to his) wanted to consider the ways in which symmetries of form gave way to asymmetries of intention. Formally, all three artists conflate expectations of two and three dimensional space, painting and sculpture, surface and volume. However, beyond those formal congruencies, the material choices, vantage point, and intention of each artist diverges. Matt Rich’s cut-paper paintings explore the language of abstraction, using subtle shifts in color and texture, the assembled works create tensions between flatness and depth, representation and non-representation. Joe Yorty, on the other hand, is invested in deciphering and re-contextualizing consumer taste. He employs formal genres --such as high-minimalism or trompe l'oeil-- as an act of quotation
and as an entryway through which the viewer can reconsider the domestic. Miller's work is invested in the exploration of painting, sculpture and folk aesthetics. Through a process of assemblage and hybridization, he creates works that have one foot in the avante-garde and one in tradition. Fiction Alters Form explores the relationship between artists' output and their objectives.