Torero Alum Tim Lynch Gives Back to Athletics Program

Torero Athlethics -- Timothy Lynch '95 (BA), a four-year football player for the USD Toreros from 1991-94, has gone on to do great things in the field of film making. At the recent 55th Annual Grammy Awards, he was one of the video producers for the "Big Easy Express," Mumford & Sons, that won a Grammy for Best Long Form Music Video. Despite his national success, he has not forgotten his USD ties. This past season he volunteered his time and resources to produce a USD football promotional film that is just outstanding.

"I really enjoyed re-connecting with the football program," said Tim Lynch. "I have so many fond memories of the University and my time on that field. I wanted to give back to USD so I set out to create a visual piece that captured the spirit and emotion of San Diego Football and what it meant to me. There are shots in the film that I remember vividly from my time as a Torero; like glimpses of the Immaculata, walking down the path onto the field, and looking up at the architecture of the stadium. It was a ton of fun being around the team throughout the day and into the game. They crushed Dayton that night and the energy was awesome." (Full Story)