Why, at 70, Dale Lindsey is the Right Coach for USD

U-T San Diego -- When Dale Lindsey, who turns 70 on Friday, accepted the job as head football coach at the University of San Diego, it took him more than a week before he finally pulled into his reserved parking space.

Senior moment? Not quite.

“I’ve always just been one of the guys,” said Lindsey, who was equally reluctant about moving into the head coach’s office. “The assistants, they’re my guys. I want them to earn my respect because they’ve all earned mine.”

At his essence, Lindsey will always be one of the guys. But last month, he also became one of a kind. After a 38-year career as an assistant coach – which has navigated him through more than a dozen, NCAA, NFL, and CFL teams – Dale booked his first head coaching gig on the pro or college level. (Full Story