Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Receives NSF CAREER Award

The NSF CAREER Award, designed to support exceptional faculty in the early years of professorship, has been awarded to Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Tim Clark, PhD. The 5-year grant will support an educational outreach project, and a research project that incorporates 15 undergraduate research students, two high school teachers, two high school students and one postdoctoral research associate to strengthen his ongoing studies.“The grant requires a research plan and an educational plan,” Clark said. “In terms of my research program, this award provides funding that will be an enormous boost for my projects.”

Clark’s research focuses on metal catalysts that can mediate organic reactions. He said he plans to utilize the 15 undergraduate research students in groups of three per summer. Those students will assist him as he works to simplify ways to access complex organic molecules—like those used for pharmaceuticals and biological materials.  (Full Story)