Climate Education Is Key To Protecting Our Quality of Life

U-T San Diego -- Every day we read something about the global effects of changes in our climate: Arctic snow melts and how they affect polar bears, marine transportation and oil exploration; Midwestern farmers experiencing changes in growing seasons; water shortages; and thousands of heat records in the U.S. in March. We are also beginning to feel these changes closer to home: In San Diego County, we experienced record-high temperatures, snow in the mountains and flood-generating rain in a span of three weeks. Changes are happening and we feel the effects in our collective regional “backyard.”

Climate education, leadership on climate adaptation and mitigation and concern for future generations are important issues for San Diegans. After all, we live in a region that imports most of its water and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean with communities and businesses affected by sea-level rise. History and trends clearly indicate the impacts of changes in our climate on these two resources alone. Understanding the science and impacts of these changes can help all of us prepare for the consequences, thoughtfully and carefully, and plan together for our future. (Full Story