Dalai Lama Here Today - And Why We Care

U-T San Diego -- He is a man without a country and the leader of what is, locally, a modest religious tradition. Yet the Dalai Lama casts a giant shadow — or, to hear his followers, radiates a warm light that could illuminate the world.

"Of course he's Tibetan and he has strong concerns and love for his people. And of course he's Buddhist," said Karma Lekshe Tsomo, a Buddhist nun and a University of San Diego professor of theology and religious studies. "But his significance goes far beyond that and far beyond the Buddhist community."

When the Dalai Lama touches down in San Diego Tuesday afternoon to begin a three-day stay, he will be greeted like a visiting king or prime minister. The U.S. State Department will coordinate his security; his speeches — one each at UC San Diego and at USD on Wednesday, then a final talk Thursday at San Diego State University — will be delivered to sold-out auditoriums; and he will be feted at private receptions. (Full Story