Joi Spencer, PhD, Keynote Speaker at Greater San Diego Math Council Conference

Joi Spencer, PhD, assistant professor of mathematics education in SOLES gave the keynote address at the Greater San Diego Math Council's (GSDMC) annual conference held February 4 to 5 at the Marina Village in San Diego. Dr. Spencer's talk, entitled, "Why are All the Students of Color Sitting at the Back of the Math Classroom: Teaching Mathematics for Freedom and Opportunity," presented findings from two of her most current research studies. The first study examined the intersection of African American student mathematics identity, the mathematics instructional practices used in classrooms that teach African American students, and the dispositions that teachers hold towards their black students.

The second study examines mathematics tracking policies at a conversion charter school. The talk ended with a presentation of social justice-focused math lessons from Dr. Spencer's study guide of The Mis-Education of the Negro. The talk encouraged participants to reconsider why so many students of color languish at the bottom of the mathematics education well and to recommit to addressing the needs of these vulnerable students. The Greater San Diego Math Council is a group of San Diego County educators committed to the advancement of mathematics appreciation and competency for all students in San Diego and beyond.