Former 'Navy Mayor of San Diego' Teaches Sustainability by Example

San Diego Union Tribune -- Once in charge of Navy facilities across the Southwest, Rear Adm. Len Hering helped the Navy learn how to literally find gold in waste and take toxic pilings out of the San Diego Bay.

When he retired after 32 years, he felt he still had environmental lessons to teach.

Hering went from being “Navy mayor of San Diego” to leading the University of San Diego’s sustainability efforts, helping to save water, make electricity from the sun and, soon, get heat out of the ground.

He picked a university after leaving the Navy to encourage a new generation not to follow in the steps of his boomer peers.

“If this nation does not wake up to our need to control our energy consumption, and change the behaviors of my generation, the security and stability of this country is in jeopardy,” he said in a recent interview on USD’s Linda Vista campus. (Full Story)