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Goal of Student Retreat is to Ease Real World Woes

Friday, January 29, 2010

student1USD’s department of Mission and Ministry hosts a retreat this weekend to help seniors to transition into the workforce. “The Best Four Years of Your Life: Now What?” takes place over two days, and will allow students to network with alumni, share insights and take part in a workshops such as how to balance abudget.

“The motivation for the event came from the shared observation of colleagues in Student Affairs, Career Services and University Ministry that the senior year of college is wonderful, but also tremendously challenging,” said Director of University Ministry Michael Lovette-Colyer. “We knew we needed to give seniors encouragement.”

One of the goals Lovette-Colyer hopes to accomplish is to prepare students to seek meaningful work.

“College graduation is incredibly wonderful, but it also entails difficult aspects,” he said. “In some ways, college is the best time of our lives. In other ways, the process of transitioning out of college is one of the hardest.”

For many, life after graduation is a challenge because of the often-tedious work that’s required at many entry-level jobs. Instead of the stimulating atmosphere of a classroom, recent graduates may have to prove themselves to employers. To prepare students, University Ministry will offer strategies on easing the transition between school and career and on finding work that leads to a career that will improve their community. While being a university student provides a built-in network to socialize and contribute, once a student graduates they might have to work harder to seek out these types of interactions.

Most importantly, Lovette-Colyer hopes students have learned to make smart choices. “It is impossible, at 21 or 22, to really know what you want to be doing 10, 15 or 20 years down the road. There’s no need to have some kind of master plan,” he said. “Instead, the key is to develop the ability to make wise decisions one step at a time.”

— Anthony Shallat ‘10

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