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Alternative Spring Break: South Korea and Japan

Thursday, March 13, 2014

With the assistance of Denise Dimon, PhD, associate provost for International Affairs and director of the Ahlers Center for International Business, several faculty from USD’s School of Business Administration are enjoying an “alternative Spring Break” trip traveling throughout South Korea and Japan.

The group arrived in the region on Saturday, March 8. During their eight day trip, they will spend time visiting with representatives from several universities and international businesses in hopes of gaining greater insights into the region’s economic environment. The USD faculty will also attend events that will improve their knowledge of each country’s unique culture, history, and global strategies in a variety of industries.

Among the companies and universities they are visiting are: Korean University Business School, Hyundai Motor Company, LG Electronics, SK Hynix, AmorePacific Co., GraduateSchool of Business Sciences of the University of Tsukuba, Fujitsu, Aflac and Google Tokyo.

USD faculty participants include: Craig Barkacs, Linda Barkacs, Annalisa Barrett, Barbara Bliss, Robert Bowen, John Demas, Shreesh Deshpande, Kristine Ehrich, Susan Jollineau, Amit Kakkad, Priya Kannan–Narasimhan, Maria Kniazeva, Barbara Lougee, Cynthia Pavett, Jillian Phillips, Manzur Rahman, Ryan Ratcliff, Carl Rebman Jr., Miriam Rothman, Vivek Sah, Tygarajan Somasundaram, Charles Tu, Adriana Vamosiu, Barbara Withers and Carsten Zimmermann.

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