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Run for LIFE: Week of Activities Promotes Human Dignity, Respect

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Katie Modesitt ‘14, a history major, wrote this reflection on L.I.F.E. (Living Is for Everyone) Week. The week of interactive activities and educational programs from April 22-26 was designed to call attention to major life issues such as human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, genocide, abortion, immigration and poverty and foster respect for all facets and stages of human life. Students for Life and University Ministry sponsored the annual event. For more information go to

“Try as much as possible to run towards yourself.”

These were the words of Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and immigration rights activist Jose Vargas, as he spoke to the USD and San Diego community last Wednesday night as part of Students for Life’s L.I.F.E Week. These words, for me, epitomized LIFE Week and spoke to its purpose and its effect on our campus.

Through LIFE week, and educating ourselves on life issues, we all seek in some way to run towards our own humanity. Not only do the presentations during LIFE week force us to look at the difficult issues facing our time and their ramifications for the dignity of human life, they also force us to take an even more difficult look inwards; at our emotions, thoughts and reactions to each issue.

They then call us to take action to somehow promote life and justice in our world. Similarly, LIFE week gives our university a chance to turn inward and run towards its core values as a Catholic university. It challenges us to consider how our university works for social justice.

Every year, LIFE week has reminded me that I go to a university that cares to protect the least among us and that I am part of a campus community that cares about educating themselves on important issues.  Vargas’s speech was just one highlight of LIFE week, a week organized to promote human life and dignity on campus. He spoke on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform, which was accompanied by presentations throughout the week on the issues of human trafficking, domestic violence, abortion and HIV/AIDS.

At each event I was reminded of his words and how, in LIFE week and in life itself, it is important to run towards yourself. It is important to find your identity, ask yourself the difficult questions and, ultimately, appreciate your beautiful gift of life.

– Katie Modesitt ‘14

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