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USD Professor Brings Lowriders to the Screen

Thursday, April 18, 2013

University of San Diego’s Chair of Ethnic Studies, Alberto Lopez Pulido, will premiere his documentary “Everything Comes from the Streets” at Sweetwater High School on Sunday, April 21.

“I took on this project because it is an extension of the work I do that underscores and values the importance of communities and the stories they wish to share,” said Pulido. “It is truly an honor to tell the stories of people who — for us in ethnic studies — represent stories that are usually not told in our history and legacies that represents a people. It is both an honor and a great responsibility that, by people sharing their stories, they in fact trust you with their histories and, in essence, their lives.”

“Everything Comes from the Streets” establishes an alternative viewpoint of the historical
California lowrider scene traditionally dominated by Los Angeles imagery. The documentary highlights the influence of the Jacket Clubs & Car Customizers of the 1950s, the U.S.-Mexico border, women, and the Chicano movement in San Diego that led to the establishment of Chicano Park in 1970. All of these aspects meld together in what has become San Diego’s unique Chicano heritage.

“I have learned that the lowrider community is a very cohesive and organized community that represent a deep and rich history of friends, families and communities that transcend personal and physical borders,” Pulido explains. “Lowriders are a personal statement of art that traverse both space and time via physical roadways and public places. There is much wisdom and knowledge to be gained from the lowrider community because — as the title of our documentary depicts — everything comes from the streets!”

The project is funded by Cal Humanities, the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of San Diego, and Via International.

This event is free and open to the public, everyone who wishes to attend must register at There will be a lowrider car on display.

– Melissa Wagoner

Photos by Kelly Whalen

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