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Live Out Loud: USD ‘12 Grad Stephanie Malone

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This reflection is part of an ongoing series highlighting notable Class of 2012 University of San Diego graduates. Stephanie Malone is a History major with a minor in English. Her involvement on campus ranges from founding member of the USD Rotaract Club to Global Connection and Exchange Program Afghanistan Correspondent to memberships in Alpha Delta Pi sorority, FUSO and the TRiO Student Support Services program. She is pursuing a career in the Human Resources field and hopes to receive her masters in Human Resource Management.

The experiences USD has afforded me are innumerable. I have learned that no matter what your previous circumstances are, you can always persevere. I have been able to “live out loud,” meaning that I have been encouraged by both my peers and professors to enjoy every opportunity USD has to offer, from being very involved in student organizations to taking in every ounce of information and broadening my own knowledge.

As a young woman who was emancipated from foster care before her journey at USD even began, my biggest concern was that I wouldn’t have a support system. My experiences at this wonderful university have alleviated that fear. I was given the best support system anyone could dream of — professors, my peers, and employees on this campus have been there for me in all capacities, from a shoulder to cry on to a friendly smile.

My goals for after graduation include preparing for the GRE exam and gaining experience in the Human Resources field. Inevitably, it is my desire to gain a masters in Human Resource Management.

My experience at USD has been fantastic. At times, it was bumpy, but all of the smiles and words of encouragement of those I encountered brightened my day and helped me traverse the bumps with confidence and grace. A piece of wisdom I learned is that no matter your circumstances, you can accomplish good things. I encourage others to take every opportunity that is available and, most of all, enjoy your time at USD.

— Stephanie Malone

Photos by Nick Abadilla

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