Internship Program

Apply your knowledge

Put your theory into practice with an internship that could take you across San Diego, across the country or across the ocean. This 10-week immersive experience in the summer will expand your skills, knowledge and network of peacebuilders. Work with changemaking organizations in real-life settings to learn what it means to be a leader, manage programs, and make progress within complex organizations. The internship is an ideal space to test and refine career and skill interests. Through this hands-on work, you can focus in on the right fit for your career trajectory. 

Internship Seminar

You’ll take seminars before and after your internship to support your progress. In the prep seminars, you’ll develop strategies for securing a suitable internship opportunity. You’ll follow-up your internship with a seminar reflecting on your experience. You’ll have the opportunity to analyze your peacebuilding approaches, discuss connections between peacebuilding theories and practices, and evaluate the overall impact of your internship. 

A young man and two children smile at the camera Saud Almaweel ‘18 (MA) works with refugees while interning at YALLA in San Diego

Past Organizations and Locations

The internship program is a comprehensive experience designed to support you in achieving your internship goals. Where can you intern? The list is endless and depends on your interests, experience, and goals. You can see a list of organizations that have provided internships to our students in the past.

Faculty Advising

Each student is paired with a faculty advisor who offers mentorship and guidance throughout the internship process. Students can also work with the Coordinator of Student Success in aligning their internship with their professional goals.

Two men stand in a field holding pinapples. Lars Almquist ‘13 practicing applied peacebuilding in Burundi

Internship Funding

We're committed to helping students offset internship expenses to realize the full program benefits. Whether interning locally or internationally, students can apply for competitive funding from the Kroc School.