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The mission of the Student Health Center is to provide primary healthcare and to promote the health and wellbeing of students of the University of San Diego to facilitate maximum academic and personal growth.

Did you know? That anyone even young, healthy adults can get sick from the flu and spread it to others. Buzz buzz (text message: You coming out tonight? I can't I have the flu. My niece and girlfriend have it now too.) The short time it will take you to get a flu vaccine. Can help protect you and the ones you love. The flu vaccine is safe and does not cause the flu. #FightFlu

Increased Influenza Activity

Influenza (seasonal flu) activity is currently very high in San Diego. The SHC, as well as all off-campus urgent care facilities are greatly impacted seeing patients with suspected or confirmed flu. The CDC states that most people with influenza do not need to be seen by a medical provider, and can be safely treated at home with rest, fluids, and over-the-counter medications. If you have flu symptoms, you are encouraged to self-isolate for at least 24 hours after fever is gone (temperature under 100 without the use of a fever-reducing medicine such as Tylenol).

Anyone with severe symptoms, or who has any chronic medical condition, may require a medical evaluation. Click below for more information about:

A flu shot may protect you from getting the flu. Flu shots are available at the Student Health Center (at no charge to students) and can be scheduled online.  No appointment necessary.  Flu Shots are also available at most local pharmacies and clinics.

 Flu shots at no cost are sponsored by 

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Flu shots are available to USD employees for $20

Don't Bring Zika Home

Though it’s been out of the news, Zika (and other mosquito-borne diseases) are still a threat to travelers! Zika is most often spread by mosquitos, and is common throughout Mexico and Central America, and much of South America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa.  Avoid mosquito bites while you travel!  Check the CDC Travel website for destination-specific prevention information before you travel. 

For more information and current status visit CDC's website.

For information about how to protect yourself from mosquitoes bites, visit CDC's website, "Preventing Mosquito Bites".