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COVID-19 Announcement

The Provost Office shared the University will begin the Spring 2021 semester with remote/hybrid classes. If a club elects to operate virtually this semester, Sport Club leaders will post their team info on their social media accounts and on Torero.orgs. You may contact a desired club by emailing the team's general manager (contact information is posted on the Team Directory web page).


Toreros Taking Action

USD Sport Clubs provide opportunities for students to experience the commitment, challenge and enjoyment of a competitive or recreational sports experience. These teams are initiated by students and are reflective of their diverse sporting and activity interests. We serve over 500 students in 22+ clubs each semester. Each of our Sport Clubs differ in size, season, and playing ability, with some clubs that compete at a high level and others that play for recreation and fun. Like all student organizations at USD, the Sport Club program also offers opportunities for development of life-skills such as leadership, cooperation, scheduling, budgeting, organizational dynamics, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

The USD Sport Clubs program operates within the jurisdiction of the national or regional associations that have been established for each individual sport as well as policies and procedures established by the department and University. Teams are only partially funded by Associated Students, and their success relies heavily on their own resources, fundraising, and donations.

Match point, not grade point. Teamwork, not homework. Playbooks, not textbooks. Are you ready to take action? Join a USD Sport Club today!

For more information or questions please contact our Competitive Sports department at (619) 260-4275,

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