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Master of Science in Business Analytics


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Gain Business Analytics Experience And Take Your Career to the Next Level

USD's master’s in business analytics program empowers you to use data to solve critical problems in the smartest way possible — whether that means helping a business run more efficiently, showing a municipal government how it can reduce its environmental waste, or guiding a nonprofit such as the Red Cross toward new operations that broaden its impact. Through courses such as Data for Social Good, you will learn how to wield data to make a positive impact in society — a central focus of USD’s master’s in business analytics program. To solve complex problems, companies and organizations need individuals who know how to ask the right questions. USD’s master’s in business analytics equips you to be that person.

Unlike other business analytics programs, USD insists on a holistic approach to your education. You will, of course, graduate with solid analytics skills, but you will also develop a better understanding of the soft skills required for problem-solving in the workplace, including communication, creativity and collaboration. The well-rounded and in-demand set of skills you gain in this program is applicable to a variety of career paths and aspirations, including those in the fields of marketing, accounting, finance, operations, education, government, nonprofits and beyond.

Program Highlights - In Just 10 Months:

  • Earn a master's degree in the high-demand field of analytics
  • Complete three, hands-on, data-driven consulting projects for companies in San Diego and abroad 
  • Build your resume and develop a portfolio of work products that will enable you to shift your career trajectory 
  • Learn industry-demanded analytics tools including SQL, Tableau, and Python
  • Apply analytics skills to business problems and be career-ready by the day you graduate
  • Scholarships are available

Career Opportunities 

A few professional areas in which business analytics skills are in high demand:

  • Marketing
  • Supply-chain management and logistics
  • Finance
  • Accounting 

This program is full-time. Two years of work experience is preferred but not required.

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