Knauss School of Business Alumni

Masters of good deeds.

Knauss School of Business alumni are not your average graduates. They are a hybrid blend of innovative business leaders and goodwill ambassadors. They have seen the world. Shaken hands with dignitaries. Given underprivileged kids artistic alternatives to the streets. Presented at TEDx. And even conquered ABC's Shark Tank. Tower Paddle Boards, anyone?

We love seeing graduates land their dream jobs, whether working at companies like Amazon, Boston Consulting Group, Houzz, IBM and StubHub — or working for themselves. With kudos from the San Diego Business Journal to the New York Times, our entrepreneurs have set the bar for innovative and socially responsible ventures.

Like Hera Hub, the first of its kind to empower entrepreneurial women by providing them with beautiful, spa-like shared workspaces. And Pixster Photo Booths, California's largest non-franchised photo booth rental company that gives back to the community every time a new booth gets manufactured.

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Group of alumni at a gathering Feel like getting involved or giving back? From hosting industry interviews through Skype to judging at student competitions, we have dozens of creative ways you can give back.

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